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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Here are my most recent pages.

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I am so excited now. I got my first ever offer to be a CT!!!I will be working with the team for Darlene Haughin. She is an amazing designer,and I am so honored to be working with her.
Also on Catchy I was promoted to Creator. I also got my first printable request. YAY ME! lol. I have been keeping busy. I have done a lot of siggies, & a lot of scrap pages too. I had more time for this because I haven't been at work for the past two weeks or so. The reason for this is because I have been feeling pain/numbness for quite some time. Tomorrow I go in for an MRI on my brain. I am a little anxious about this. I am sure everything will be fine though.
I also got results back from some blood work that was taken a few weeks ago. They ran a bunch of tests. My cholesterol is good. My Iron levels good. The one thing that they did find is that my glucose levels were slightly elevated. She said I am what she referred to as Insulin Resistant. With medication I should be able to get this under control. As an added benefit I should be able to see some weight loss, with some positive lifestyle changes.