Beautiful kit used for this blog header is Hint of Spring (add on) by Let me Scrapbook. Check out her Blog here.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I am just going to get straight to the point. I have been without internet since Wed. and so I am late in getting up the blog train freebie.....I am soooo sorry. So not to make you wait any longer.

Twim Mom Scraps is having a Blog Birthday!!! To celebrate with her our wonderful CT has created a FUN CT Blog Train. You can pick all kinds of goodies from her new kit FAlling Blooms. Without further is the CT Blog Train Freebie cluster as Promised.


Friday, September 2, 2011

September Already???

I cannot believe that September is here already. where does the time go?  It sure does fly by if you are not paying attention. I have tons of things on my mind so I am just gonna get going.

TWIN MOM SCRAPS is having a Blog Birthday Celebration. Hurry and get over there and you can get some great deals. She is having a Progressive sale through the month. So right now everything is at least 50% off.  Next week it will be 40%, then 30%, get the idea. So buy now and you can get more bang for your buck.  AND she has a Download a Day going on. and it is gorgeous!!! PLUS later on this month you will find a Blog Train. Also check out her BLOG Challenges. This week it is a FONT Challenge - Now who doesnt LOVE a great new font!?

Marie H also has a fabulous sale going onthrough the month. Check out her stores at GingerScraps, the Studio, and her new store at Scrapping Fairytales

Stephanie of Snips & Snails Designs is also happy to be featured in the GingerScrapsStreet Magazine. She has an awesome kit for this.  It will be available for free for the month of September, and after that you will be able to pick it up in her stores. She also has a set of stacked papers, and cardstock already in her stores at the Studio and Divine Digital

Here are two LOs I created using this wonderful kit. 


Speaking of featured Designers - another one of my Designers is being featured this month. Matilda of Matilda Designs is also being spotlighted.  So check her out at ScrapInsider, you will meet a very lovely extremely talented artist.  And you can pick up some great deals too.

AND as if that is not enough....I have gotten myself into two more store competitions.....I dont do well in competition so we will see how that goes, but it will be fun. I think. 

The Studio is having a BIG BIRTHDAY BASH!!  And with that there is a Layout Artist Competition along with a bunch of other challenges. I am especially excited for the template exchange (as I have mentioned before I am addicted to templates) . I am struggling with the LO already, lol. I have one but I am not sure I LOVE it, so I will probably make one or two more, and then post the one I like the best (that is if I can find the time) 

A new month means a new Template Challenge. Once again I am hosting this challenge over at Sunflower Scraps Boutique.  I am super excited about this months template. I am very happy with the final result. I am a little sad that last month I only had two people post their pages. I cant help but doubt myself as a template creator. So if you do DL please at least let me know what you think even if it is just a small thanks.  I type kinda slow and that only took a couple of seconds. plus a few seconds to go through the submit comment it really does make me smile. 

NOW the template. I was inspired by the participation Bonus that the fabulous designer Whispy Dzines created for my challenge.  Its just....So... September (as I remember it in the Northern Hemisphere).  Check out the challenge and consider playing along this will get a great Bonus if you do.  I also was advised that a lot of people dont like shadows included (for a few different reasons). I always have liked the shadows, so I decided this month to offer BOTH. If you have an oppinion let me know what your preference is. This can help me as a creator. 

Enough babble and onto the goodie. 

here is the template. 

and you can find it HERE

What a great weekend. Carlos and I went on a long overdue mini vacation. It was quite an adventure, and a funny one at that. We went to a city about 3 hours (by bus) away. It was inland from the beach, and up a mountain. Well what they consider a mountain here. Growing up in the Rockys I consider it more of a great big hill. Before we left everyone told us how Cold the place is. To make sure we dress warm, as it is still winter here. I was so excited to get to use my sweater that I wore on the plane coming from SLC.  We got there about noon, and I had to take off the sweater and just use a tee shirt because after getting off the air conditioned bus the air was quite warm. We ate a fabulous lunch, then went on the tour of the city the hotel provided.
The main attraction of the city is a beautiful garden clock. Here is the image from the internet.

Looks so nice right?  Weeeellllll. What you see is not what you get. The land around it is not a nice park type setting, It is a little, island in the middle of the  road. and the clock is so much smaller than we expected. The greenery is not so lush right now. It definately needs some love. On a positive note. We had a great time just the two of us. The kids managed to not destroy anything. I was a little nervous though, because the house was much cleaner than it was when we left. Suspicious? Maybe.

 OK.  Enough of my rambling. Before I left I had a ton of new releases by some fantastic designers.

Marie H had three fabulous releases. One was a Template collection. 
Here is my LO using one of her Heroes Templates. 

Marie H also released a fun Back to School kit called Land of Learning. 

Marie  also released a colab with Psychozoe, and Harmony Star, called Faith In Every Footstep.  This kit is sooo beautiful. I created two LOs using this one. 

AND for my newest CT - Snips and Snails Designs, I got to play with her new colab with Digilicious Designs.  The kit is called Girls Night and it is an Amazing kit. 
Its jam packed with goodies, and was perfect for photos of my
aspiring model daughter - Ashley.

AND Finally for your FREEBIE!!! I used a fabulous coalb from Sunny Day Scraps & Sweet Tomato Designs, called Pet Shop. to create the following WordArt Frames. PU, S4O, S4H only please.

I hope you enjoy your Freebie and as always would love to hear a quick thanks.