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Signature Gallery

March 31, 2012
Here are a few more siggies that I did this week.
I made a lot of these two offers.
 (using the kit Story Time from Kristen Aagard & Nikki Beaudreau) 
Plot Twist

This is one I made for the Creative Challenge
And this was my big Easter offer

March 13, 2012
Here are some of the siggies I have made recently. I am just getting started back into this, so there aren't too many yet. But I am quite happy with the ones I have done.
I made a ton of this one for my first offer at CafeMom  ( A SiggyPiggy Group)

And some custom Requests made from the same group.
And my current one. (I just love how the shadowing turned out)

I will also take any Siggy Requests on this page as well.  I'm not sure how it will work yet...I guess I can have photos emailed to me. Or people could just comment me with the info. I will have to think it over.